White Gorilla Cannabis Strain

White Gorilla Cannabis Strain

The White Gorilla, often known as “White Glue” and “White Gorilla Glue,” is a strong indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing White Fire Alien OG with Gorilla Glue. The THC concentration of White Gorilla is 18%, which creates relaxing, euphoric effects that relax tired muscles. With diesel, chocolate, and floral undertones, the hardy indica White Gorilla cannabis strain is a robust indica with diesel overtones. Patients utilize White Gorilla to treat stress and anxiety disorders. The plant’s leaves are green and sticky, with icy white hairs throughout the development cycle. This variety was developed by Greenlife.

About White Gorilla

This gorilla can’t compare to this ape. Greenlife Seeds’ White Gorilla is a powerful hybrid that combines Gorilla Glue #4 with White Fire Alien OG, commonly known as Wifi Alien OG, for a chocolate-kissed indica-dominant hybrid that relaxes while uplifting you. It appears to be false, but we assure you it’s true.

Expect to be overwhelmed by a lot of THC, which can range from 25% to 80%. These dark green nuggets are full with chocolate and woodsmoke. This exquisite flavor profile goes down easily on the tongue and is even more delicious when paired with a deep chocolate funk and sweetness on the palette. The odor of this slow-burning plant is even more appealing while it hangs in the air for a time.

The White Gorilla is as interesting as its tastes, indica-forward and relaxing, with smooth waves of euphoria that surge forward from the start. For hours, the serene tides ebb and flow, allowing you to let go. This long-lasting high starts in the core and works its way up to the limbs before returning to the core. The artist striving to establish a new project or social butterfly who enjoys being part of a group would benefit from this stage. The comedown is quick; you’ll feel revitalized and delighted after it’s over.

The Red Thai is a lovely, powerful strain that has been used for centuries in Thailand to help with muscular spasms and chronic pain. This is due, in part, to the sedative effects as well as its supposed CBD content. If you’re dealing with signs of depression, bipolar disorder, stress, social anxiety, or even minor levels of PTSD, this is a good strain to try. Its ability to relax frayed nerves makes it ideal for soothing jangled nerves.

This is a large crop that is generally ready around the 8 to 9-week mark and is ideal for those who want to go from beginner to intermediate growing expertise. This chocolate bush has a lovely scent and thrives in both indoor and outdoor locations, although it will grow either way. In most situations, the yield will be above average.

The pleasant sweet scent of White Gorilla is the first thing you notice when you smoke it. The cerebral quality of this indica-dominant hybrid strain makes it perfect for evening or nighttime use. Take delight in how this sociable bud reduces your stress levels and leaves you refreshed and creative for hours before you get there. Your pleasure vanishes into nothingness as you fall asleep.

The White Gorilla strain is lime green and orange with a lot of pistils. Its high trichome production gives it a moss-like appearance, with white patches in areas of high trichome densities. The light-green leaves are convoluted and densely packed.

The White Gorilla has a pungent gasoline, skunk, and pine aroma with undertones of chocolate. The smoky or vaporizable White Gorilla complements its chocolate taste by mixing it in with a lemon-pine cleanser flavor.

The White Gorilla is a popular Gami strain, although it takes around five minutes to fully settle. It may be smoked or vaped using a puff-puff-wait technique. THC levels in the mid to high 20s have been reported for the White Gorilla. The apparently restorative stone, according to users, relieves tension in the muscles and lifts mood while slowing down thoughts. Some clients claimed that using it made them feel happier and more hungry, while others said it helped with chronic pain, headaches, and muscular spasms. Overall, it provides a pleasant and energizing high that consumers find can raise spirits as well as improve mood.

Psychoactive combination

The White Gorilla of BSF Seeds is a pure indica strain with a high resin producing capacity. It’s the result of a perfect combination of two legendary strains, including Gorilla Glue #4 and White Widow. THC levels in this plant at 25 percent created strong psychotropic effects.

Growing and Heavy Yields

White Gorilla is a house and garden plant. Indoor cultivation of White Gorilla results in robust and vigorous plants that are resistant to a variety of stresses and pests. The yield ranges from 400 to 500 grams per m2 after 60 days. Outdoor growth, on the other hand, delivers the greatest possible yield potential, which is 1 kg per plant. It’s ideal to pick during the middle or late of March.

Intense Flavors and Effects

White Gorilla has a musky, earthy flavor with pine undertones, as well as citrus and sweet notes. The high amount of THC in it explains why it has such a powerful and long-lasting impact. It produces a fantastic peaceful mood that’s great for people who experience sleeplessness or anxiety over time on a regular basis.

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