Red Dwarf Strain at Black Rabbit Weed

Red Dwarf Strain at Black Rabbit Weed

The Red Dwarf cannabis strain is indica-dominant and has a low CBD content, but it has an average THC level of 15 percent. It’s a great fit for individuals searching for a gentle high without the harshness. This strain has an intense fragrance that reminds people of fruits and pine needles. For a quick pick-me-up that won’t keep them captive, users can have this strain in the afternoon.

Red Dwarfs from Black Rabbit Weed are the most numerous star in the galaxy, but you can’t see them with the naked eye. Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to us after the sun, is a red dwarf. The term “red dwarf” refers to several types of stars, particularly the coldest ones such as brown dwarfs and genuine stars like K and M dwarfs.

The Red Dwarf strain is known for its long-lasting high. The Red Dwarf strain’s high doesn’t last as long as other choices. It does, however, have a calming body high that may lead to couchlock.

What Is the Red Dwarf Strain?

White Dwarf and a potent Skunk are crossed to produce the White Dwarf strain weed. This was then mated with an unidentified ruderalis variety. It’s an autoflowering cultivar developed by Buddha Seeds, although it can also be purchased as feminized seeds. Because of ruderalis genetics, this indica-dominant hybrid is less powerful than most others on the market. Nonetheless, it offers a pleasant high and may be suitable for novices.

When people use Red Dwarf, they frequently state that it helps them to come up with new ideas and concepts.

It’s also a wonderful social strain since you’ll feel chatty and pleasant when the high kicks in. Indica effects take over as your body becomes heavier as the high intensifies.

It’s also a fantastic social strain since you’ll feel chatty and pleasant when the high kicks in. As your body gets heavier, the indica effects take over as your mind becomes drowsy.

Your limbs will become lead weights, and keeping your eyes open may be difficult. There’s a good chance couch-lock will set in. It’s best not to struggle against the feeling of relaxation. Red Dwarf is ideal for late afternoon or early evening consumption. Make sure your social gathering is coming to an end within a few hours. Otherwise, you risk insulting everyone by falling asleep in their presence!


The Red Dwarf marijuana strain has a unique and complex scent that has sweet and sour notes, as well as undertones of lemongrass and citrus. Its powerful fragrance fills a space after it has been cured.

The flower buds give off a scent that’s similar to Skunk when burned. Remember to keep the area ventilated while burning Red Dwarf since the smell lingers for a long time after you’ve completed it.


The potent aroma should hint at a powerful sweet, sour, and spicy flavor. You’ll notice a thick smoke that may irritate the sinuses of individuals who aren’t used to smoking marijuana as soon as you combust the buds. The skunky smoke has a great taste and combines pine and fruity notes when exhaled.


Red Dwarf is an autoflowering strain that grows tiny and compact. Its typical height at maturity is 40-60cm, according to reports. You may cultivate it in a range of weather conditions thanks to its dense buds and compact structure.

Purple Hulk is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with red and white hues, originating from South Africa. The flowers are tiny, but the sharp buds are covered in densely curled leaves that are full of rust-coloured pistils. Another clue that Red Dwarf isn’t the most potent variety on the market is the modest sprinkling of trichomes.

Red Dwarf Strain Grow Info

Red Dwarf seeds are readily available online, with Buddha Seeds and a variety of third-party websites selling them. Because it is derived from the ruderalis strain, it is a hardy plant that can even be cultivated on your balcony! As a result, you may grow it either indoors or outside. If you buy the Buddha Seed version, Red Dwarf seedlings to harvest in as little as 60 days!

Indoor yields for this autoflowering strain are quite high, with up to 16 ounces per square meter planted. It has a low yield outdoors, where it typically generates 3 ounces per plant. Remember that it gives off a pungent smell that is difficult to mask, regardless of the place you grow it.

Red Dwarf is fine to grow in a slightly humid environment with a daytime temperature range of 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. The plant has lateral branches that grow from the side. This implies you must top it by removing large fan leaves that obstruct the light.

THC Content – Highest Test

If you’re a seasoned smoker looking for an extremely intoxicating high, Red Dwarf isn’t the right fit. THC levels range from 7% to 15%. This implies it may be a good starting strain.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of Red Dwarf is quite low; most of it is 0.1 percent or lower.

Medical Benefits of the Red Dwarf Strain

It’s a well-balanced strain in that it provides cerebral and physical activity as well as calmness. Individuals with ADD/ADHD sometimes use Red Dwarf to assist them focus on a single activity.

This herb is also thought to have a positive impact on one’s mood, which means it may be helpful for those dealing with anxiety, tension, or sadness.

Your body will enter a deep state of relaxation once the bodily high takes over. The sedative effects of Red Dwarf could help relieve muscular spasms, chronic pain, nausea, cramps, and headaches.

If you want assistance in obtaining a good night’s sleep, take it in the late afternoon. This strain can assist you relax and ensure that you don’t spend the second half of the night awake ruminating on stressful matters.

Possible Side Effects of the Red Dwarf Strain

Dry eyes and a dry mouth are the most common Red Dwarf negative effects. Due to its low THC content when compared to other strains, it has a reduced chance of inducing anxiety or paranoia.

Final Thoughts on the Red Dwarf Strain

Red Dwarf marijuana is a great choice for novice users and growers since it is a simple-to-grow strain that offers a soothing high. It’s an excellent option for novices and growers.

The high should not deter new users. Because of its autoflowering features, you don’t need a lot of growing expertise to get a good yield.

It has a decent yield for an autoflowering strain when cultivated indoors. You may try to grow many crops in a year if it flowers rapidly.

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