How to choose Mini Keyboard

How to choose Mini Keyboard

Choosing a mini keyboard can be overwhelming, but start by considering your needs. Are you looking for something to take on the go for work or play? Do you need one with dedicated gaming functions? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your choices on

Once you have an idea of what type of mini keyboard meets your needs, look for the following features:

Wireless or Wired

If portability is important to you, go with a wireless mini keyboard that connects via Bluetooth. If you want a more responsive connection, go with a wired one.

Touchpad or Track-ball?

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Most mini keyboards come with either a touchpad or trackball—the choice comes down to personal preference. If you want pinpoint accuracy, go with a trackball; if you want convenience and speed, opt for the touchpad.

Special Functions

If gaming is your priority, look for special functions such as macro keys that let you program the most commonly used commands into one button press. You can also find backlit keys and adjustable wrist rests on some models that give you added comfort while gaming.

Selecting the right mini keyboard can be daunting but taking into consideration your needs and the features available will help make choosing easier.

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