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Lemonade Packwoods Medellin

A Sativa-focused family of strains and products created for people looking for a happy and euphoric experience. From cultivation to manufacturing to the customer encounter, the company and its overall vertical integration and seed-to-sale operations allow for complete quality control at every stage.

Lemonade is a Colorado-based cannabis company that produces and distributes its own brand of flower and concentrates. Lemonade is known for its exclusive collaborations with well-known musicians and personalities such as Rick Ross, Michael Corleone, and Run The Jewels, all of which are based in Colorado. Lemonade, like its sister brand Cookies, has built a devoted following while remaining true to its brand promise; an expert menu of flavor-forward goods for the ultimate Sativa experience.

West Coast Cure’s Indica-dominant hybrid cross between Wedding Cake and the legendary ChemDog strain is called Medellin Cured Joint. This potent combination delivers a hefty, heavy-hitting smoke with an earthy sweetness on the inhale and a pure GAS finish.

What kind of marijuana is lemonade? Lemonade, also known as Simply Lemonade or The Original Lemonade, is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain created by crossing Lemon OG and Gorilla Haze.

Medellin Lemonade is a new marijuana strain that’s gaining popularity on the west coast of the United States and is now being exported across the world. Customers in other countries, for example, are very interested in consuming it, which indicates a strong demand for it from countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Canada. Also known as Collabo lemonade with cookies There isn’t much information about it outside of cannabis forums. The cross, and genetics somehow remained industry secrets to avoid copying and fakes of phony.

Honey Dew Drops Strain

The nerodiol is responsible for the earthy and coffee notes. However, because of nerodiol and terpinolene, the flavor differs from this scent. Terpinolene also has a plum undertone, which is appreciated by smokers.

The back of the head is tingly when you take a hit from this strain. A better mood and a desire to smile at little things follow. Gamblers enjoy this marijuana strain because it makes them anxious yet not distracted while they perform what has to be done, even at peak efficiency. Many people smoke Honeydew cannabis throughout the day since it aids in focus; however, after an hour, body high sets in, relaxing consumers but creating restlessness.

Side effects are rare, but some smokers may experience hunger, drowsiness, paranoia.

Honey Dew Drop Seeds Strain is difficult to come by, especially in California, where it’s a felony. Unfortunately, it’s hard to locate Honey Dew Drop Seeds Strain seeds online or at dispensaries. Those who were successful were able to obtain them said that this is a photoperiod plant that is simple to grow indoors and outdoors. It takes the bloom of the plant from 54 to 63 days. For growers, the harvest can start as early as day 68.

If cultivated indoors, Honey Dew Drops cannabis plants will reach a height of 30-60 inches. The height of an outdoor plant is between 60 and 80 inches tall. Growers are happy with their yield because, under indoor conditions, they will get an average of 400 g/m2, whereas outside they may expect up to 550 g/plant.

Like its scent, the mochi has a similar flavor. Whether you inhale or exhale, it will taste like you’re eating a fruit cocktail or another tropical dessert. This cannabis will be hard for you to put down! Sweet, tangy, and creamy notes come through on the inhalation. Earthy and lavender scents appear on the exhale.

The strain Mochi is a well-known purple-hued cannabis plant with glistening trichomes on the buds and color changes as it matures. It’s one of the most beautiful marijuana kinds you’ll see. A mature Mochi plant is easy to distinguish as a strong variety. Breaking apart the resinous nuggets neatly results in joints that are perfect for rolling up.

Blueberry Strain

Let’s start with Blueberry, a brand-new strain that’s gaining popularity. This new variety is often known as Berry Blue. It’s the result of a cross between Purple Thai and Thai. This is an excellent strain for those who want to unwind and be cheerful.

You’ll feel a cerebral high and euphoria. It does have some healing properties. If you have discomfort or muscle spasms, this strain may be worth a try.

Fresh blueberries, as the name implies, are delicious. It combines this flavor with fresh fruits and pine. Fresh Blueberry is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain. It does contain 20% Sativa. THC in the average marijuana strain is around 12%. Blueberry has up to 14% THC, making it a moderately powerful plant.

Girl Scout Cookies

These aren’t your average Girl Scout Cookies, but you’ll be tempted to eat more once you’ve tasted them. If you want to experience the greatest high of 2021, this new marijuana strain is one of the best weeds to try this year.

The strain was developed by a collaboration of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This cross gives the plant a distinctive dessert aroma. Mint, sweet cherry, and citrusy lemon will be the flavors you encounter.

What’s so special about it? If you want to feel ecstatic, this is the strain for you. You’ll have a feeling of euphoria and warmth throughout your body.

If you’re a novice or have a poor THC tolerance, this strain is not for you. The high produced by Girl Scout Cookies may be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to try this strain while relaxing at home on your day off.

Mild sedation is possible when you consume Girl Scout Cookies. This can help you relax. It might also cause one to desire additional food, so be sure to have some on hand.

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