Hardcore OG Strain Review & Information

Hardcore OG Strain Review & Information

About this Indica Strain

Hardcore OG is a potent indica strain with the delicious flavor and fragrance of herbal honeyed tea that’s wonderfully spicy. Its buds are covered in milky trichomes, have golden pistils, and are shaped like tiny pebbles when ready for harvest. The indica Big Bud and indica DJ Short Blueberry are its parent strains. Looking to try something new? Check out this.

The THC content of Hardcore OG ranges from 24%-28%, making it extremely powerful and not for the faint of heart or inexperienced users. Its strong, fast energy has been characterized as hard-hitting and stimulating cerebral activity while also promoting mood. After a few minutes, the body buzz will take effect, relaxing the user while stimulating motivation. As a result, Hardcore OG is best consumed late at night and in the evening. Also expect an appetite!

The name “Hardcore OG” refers to the strain’s potency, not its flavor. Because of this, it may quickly sedate and induce sleepiness in inexperienced users. Although it is high in THC content, this plant isn’t known to produce a lot of anxiety or paranoia. It lives up to its name as it is not for stoners who consider themselves anything less than hardcore. If you buy your marijuana on the black market, knowing the strength of the strain might be challenging. Lab tests and strict requirements for marijuana growth ensure that consumers are protected in legal states.

Hardcore OG Strain Genetics

The Hardcore OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry. The Indica components make this a very soothing strain that may even cause sedation. You’ll feel introspective as you fall asleep. This strain has won awards dating back to the 1980s, with THC levels up to 26 percent. Couch lock is a concern with this strain, so don’t plan anything fun for later in the day if you’re smoking it. The high might creep in gradually, so wait until the effect has fully hit you before taking another big bong rip.

The Blueberry strain was originally bred by a farmer named Dave Lowery in the 1990s. This THC-rich variety from DJ Short, called Blueberry, has up to 22 percent THC. If you have trouble sleeping, this delicious cannabis might help. The blueberry flavor in this DJ Short strain is truly remarkable.

Hardcore OG Weed Strain Yield

Hardcore OG may be cultivated both indoors and outside. Because most producers have not revealed their techniques for growing the strain, this is a bit more difficult. Due to the effects of Hardcore OG, it is quite popular among cannabis growers. It’s important to choose the right strain and seeds from a breeder that you trust if you want to get a good yield. You don’t want to risk setting yourself back by purchasing seeds with traits that make cultivation difficult.

Looks: The nugs of the Extreme OG strain are usually dense, oblong and shamrock-green in appearance, with gnarled leaves and calyces that may be tough to separate — just disregard it because they’re all covered in layers of trichomes.

Smell: Hardcore OG has a delicate flavor that is balanced with earth, spice, and everything nice. Sweet undertones of honey and berries, along with scents of cardamom and lavender, are followed by fumy notes of pine needles and skunky rubber.

Flavor: In the 1970s and 1980s, OG was a broad term that referred to any strain of cannabis containing high amounts of THC. This is when the “OG” suffix makes more sense, since Hardcore OG had sticky pine tastes with spicy, floral undertones of juniper and lavender. Later on, sweeter notes of blueberries and honey entered the scene, though they were less apparent.

Effects:I felt like I was floating on air at first, but the strain eventually became more intense without becoming unpleasant for experienced tolerances. The powerful high of Hardcore OG may make me zone for brief periods of time, and such soothing effects naturally slow down my pace. My thinking and priorities remained unchanged, however, and I was pleasantly surprised that while I remained so loose and carefree, there was still a lot of vitality in me.


The recreational aspect of Hardcore OG is a major advantage, but it isn’t all about fun. Even the most persistent black moods can be soothed with the therapeutic effect of this strain. The absolute euphoria that this strain provides overpowers negativity and sends gloom packing. Daily concerns and pressures simply melt away.

This strain’s calming effects and euphoric high are well-known. It has anti-inflammatory qualities that may help with chronic pain, as well as postural problems like back pain and tension headaches. Even those suffering from cancer report an improvement in their worst agony days when this strain is used. THC strains with a high content of THC, such as Hardcore OG, have similar anti-inflammatory properties. Cancer patients can even reduce the number of their most severe pain days while taking this stuff.

Finally, insomniacs of every persuasion will enjoy Hardcore OG. The calming qualities can help put even the most sleepless to sleep. The couchlock’s strong force may assist those who are tired enough to fall asleep. Many insomniacs find themselves nodding off as the high winds die down, ready to go straight to sleep.

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