Choosing the Right Scale for Your Child

Choosing the Right Scale for Your Child

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When choosing an RC car for your kid, you’ll want to consider the size and scale of the model you select. The bigger the car, the more space it will take up in your home and the more difficult it may be to store. Plus, bigger cars require larger batteries, which can add to the cost of owning one with

Choosing the Right Scale for Your Child

On the other hand, smaller cars are great for little hands, but they may not have enough power to perform on tough terrain or go as fast as some bigger models. You’ll also need to make sure that smaller models don’t get easily lost in your home or backyard.

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Let’s look at a few sizes

1/12-scale vehicles are some of the smallest models and are generally easier for kids who are new to RC vehicles.

1/10-scale vehicles offer increased power for tougher terrain and conditions and come in a variety of designs.

1/8-scale vehicles are usually larger than 1/10-scale vehicles and designed for experienced drivers looking for more speed and power.

Take all these factors into consideration when you’re ready to choose an RC car that’s just right for your child!

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