Best Strains To Try in Summer

Best Strains To Try in Summer

Insano Cake Strain

Insano Cake is a hybrid strain with a vanilla fragrance and earthy peppermint taste. It’s a quick, smooth smoker that takes some time to get going. This flower is beautiful, with green and purple buds dotted with ice crystals. It’s ideal for relaxing at the end of the night or before bedtime without anything else on your agenda.

Insano Cake is a high-yielding Indica hybrid created by Dutch grower Evert F. Jager in the 1970s. The name Insano comes from the Spanish word for “insane,” which was how it was originally known. This plant is best adapted to intermediate and advanced growers because of its long flowering period (seven to nine weeks). This crop may be grown both inside and outside, and you can expect a flowering time of seven to nine weeks. When cultivated outdoors, this strain matures between September and October. With an average yield, this sort is popular among growers.

Insano Cake weed is a cannabis hybrid strain that is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Some well-known and acknowledged buddensmen, on the other hand, believe it’s a mix of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. It was created in Southern California by start. Kind Love, a breeder who helped with its transport to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, later cultivated it.

If you can get past the earthy and doughy scent, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious, sweet scent. Its notes suggested that its backcrossed DNA blended well and kept the essential tart and sugary characteristics of its ancestry.

Insano Cake has a moderate sweetness that is not at all stimulant. It’s not as powerful as you’d expect; instead, it’s a more low-key combination of earth and flower scents with sweet undertones. The flavor is doughy and sour, almost like sourdough bread.

This strain is ideal for users who want to control their nerves or anxiety. The phrase “neuromuscular regulation” is also used, indicating that Insano Cake may help people deal with sadness and cope with muscular dystrophy and fibromyalgia-related symptoms.

It’s not until later that the soil and sour tastes take over your taste buds, thanks to its fragrance. Fortunately, after some time, the sweet notes return. We recommend utilizing a vaporizer at a low temperature setting if you want to get the most out of your purchase.

Trichomes can be found on the cups and sides of the calyxes. This plant’s color, which is a pinkish-red and grape, gives it the look of a sugar cookie. The nuggets are thick and resemble teardrops in appearance.

Purple Tic Tac Strain

Mendo Breath and Colorado Clementine were used to create the Purple Tic Tac marijuana strain. This strain has a citrusy fragrance.

Purple Tic Tac is a strain that has multiple ways of expressing the purple element. The purple hues of this Purple Tic Tac variety are quite evident. It also tastes like purple things, such as grapes, sweets, and wine. If its appearance and divine flavor aren’t enough to seduce you, it’s also 100% indica, making it suitable for producing feelings of calmness, giggliness, and happiness.

The Purple Tic Tac variety is a contradiction within itself, one that completely de-stresses the body but stimulates and activates the mind far beyond just the conscious level.

Although some users have reported experiencing hallucination-like symptoms after smoking Purple Tic Tac, it should not make you anxious or concerned, because of its great capacity to truly relax the body.

Ageny Orange 

For a reason, many cannabis enthusiasts like Agent Orange. Many users report feeling energetic, if not completely euphoric, after smoking it, with a cerebral head high that can make things seem strange.

The taste of this strain is a delicious combination of sweet orange and spicy earthiness. After eating, you may feel hungry, but it’s fine if you don’t have food available since the boost in energy will carry you on an excursion to acquire some.

Blueberry HeadBand 

Blueberry Headband is another strain that may assist get you started. This 50/50 hybrid strain is known to provide consumers with a quick burst of energy, as well as a soothing body sensation that keeps things balanced. It’s an excellent morning strain because it gets your thinking juices flowing and is said to aid in attention.

The smoking experience is pleasant. When you inhale, you should taste a tartness with sweet fruit undertones. The flavor changes when you exhale and incorporates more citrus characteristics. One last thing about the scent: Blueberry Headband might be very pungent, so it’s a good idea to avoid this strain if discretion is required.


Gelato is a 50/50 hybrid, with tendencies that can lean toward the indica side of things. It’s also strong, with a THC concentration in the mid-20s. Gelato is better suited for a nighttime social gathering with friends, as opposed to the previous two strains mentioned. Effects include feelings of calmness, creativity, and enhanced sociability.

Gelato has a distinct fragrance profile. The scent begins with citrus notes, followed by dough and yeast undertones. Overall, the aroma is almost donut-like, making it extremely tempting to eat.


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