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Bruce Banished

Bruce Banished may be best recognized as The Incredible Hulk’s alter ego, but perhaps he wouldn’t be so enraged if he had some of his namesake strain. THC content: 21% The relaxing qualities of this plant’s head effects will linger with you and might assist to relax your body. Bruce Banished is a fantastic bud to use during the day. If you want to grow Bruce Banished, keep in mind that the plants blossom quickly, blooming between 8 and 10 weeks from seed.

Banished is the alter-ego of an often enraged and powerful comic book superhero. Unlike the Hulk, this marijuana strain will not make your adrenaline surge or cause your blood to rush wildly through your veins.

Instead, the Bruce Banished cannabis strain is expected to provide a cerebral and energetic high full of life and an uplifted spirit. The effects gradually melt away into a complete-body calm as well as a euphoric sensation that pulses throughout your body.

The Bruce Banished strain has a strong fragrance that leaves an impression the moment the buds emerge from their container. Dank and earthy, with a diesel aroma that’s both sweet and floral, Bruce Banished is dank and earthy, with a diesel aroma that’s both sweet and floral.

The throat hit is mild and smooth, but the flavor isn’t as relaxing as that of White Label Platinum. It has a pleasant, naturally flavored candy taste with earthy, berry, and fruit undertones that are robust and juicy like fresh-picked strawberries on a hot summer’s day.

The taste buds may detect fleeting floral qualities, making this strain ideal for connoisseurs who wish to enjoy the actual “cannaissuir” experience rather than just the smoke’s quality.

The Hulk is a worldwide known comic book superhero, and this lovely flower’s look is comparable to the character. An abundance of brilliant and energetic green tones illuminate the Bruce Banished strain, making it healthy and lively.

The leaves of this cannabis strain are long and thin, with a beautiful dark green color that covers the entire plant.

Despite the fact that the CBD:THC ratio is small, this isn’t a great option for individuals who respond to CBD. The euphoric head high is accompanied by significant creativity and a general boost in mood. This strain has good energy levels, making it an excellent daytime strain. Bruce Banner is a strong painkiller but can also be used to treat anxiety, sadness, nausea, and sleeplessness. Dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are both common side effects, as well as occasional paranoia and dizziness. Sweet is the most popular flavor, with undertones of citrus and a pungent scent. It has a heavily frosted appearance due to the presence of a thick layer of resinous glands on the bud. It’s native to Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon, although it may be found in any state. This strain is anticipated to gain popularity as a result of its high THC levels.

Durban 95

Durban 95 is a sativa landrace from South Africa with a frightening name that implies potent psychotropic effects. It’s a powerful, tenacious strain that thrives in a variety of growing circumstances. THC content ranges from 15% to 25% in Durban 95.

Cannabis has been cultivated on the African continent since at least the 14th century, and by the time of Dutch colonialism it had spread south and indigenous South African groups known as the Khoikhoi, San, and Bantu had a well-developed cannabis culture. In their language, it was called dagga.

Durban 95 is a fast-acting cerebral and clearheaded high. As it grows, you’ll notice things and hear noises differently, as well as acquire a feeling of energy. Because of Durban 95, you might be inspired to start a new painting or poem sequence. It’s perfect for artists looking to create an environment that encourages meditation. You’ll be able to feel a little of a stronger buzz within your mind as you drive up the high peaks and then plummet for the next two hours or so. This strain is ideal for sharing with friends or ingesting alone since it can boost attention and foster creative thoughts! Given how it may speed up one’s thinking, this marijuana is best consumed in the daytime.


Bonkers, the ‘Next Generation Seed,’ is a hardy strain that may thrive either inside or outside, and its rapid bloom time is an added benefit for those looking for a plant with a strong body stone in a short period of time. Bonkers is ideal for beginning cannabis growers seeking to develop their expertise since it has a fast flowering time.

Just to clarify, Exotic Genetix has another variety named “Bonkers,” which crosses Cookies & Cream with Lemon Tree. It’s also a great strain to try.

Apple Fritter 

Apple Fritter is a new strain from Lumpy Flowers that tastes like apple pie. Another example of this trend is Apple Fritter, which is another dessert-tasting variety. Cherry Pie is a popular strain, but some people want something with a more distinct apple pie flavor. Apple Fritter, created by Lumpy Flowers, has an enticing pastry (and even a touch of sweet and salty cheese) flavor profile. The balanced, uplifting effect of Apple Fritter.

Apples and Bananas 

Cookies and Apples is a strain created in conjunction with Cookies. The creators worked on numerous cannabis strains before crossing them together to develop a new variety with a complex terpene profile that smells and tastes like apples and bananas. This delicious strain will undoubtedly be one of the most popular choices at any dispensary in 2022.

Peanut Butter Breath 

During the 2015 cannabis cup, we had strains that tasted like cherry pies, cakes, chocolate, and coffee. But what about protein-rich spread peanut butter? ThugPug Genetics has delivered, and this strain has been a favorite among patients since 2020 because of its peanutty flavor and calming, uplifting effects.

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